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Company Founder
Leann Ebert

Company founder Leann Ebert’s love of design and beautiful spaces stems from when she was a girl. Her favorite pastimes included exploring color through fine arts painting, drawing houses and floor plans, and watching TV design shows highlighting “Before & Afters”. As an adult, Leann continued to fuel her creative passion through formal study in architectural technology at NAIT. Highly creative, artistic and hands-on, she was naturally drawn to courses with a strong focus on design. She went on to apprenticeship training, earning her Red Seal Journeyman certificate as a painter and decorator.

Leann was introduced to the painting industry in 2007. She soon found she had a natural talent for interior and exterior painting – Particularly repainting, which complemented her love of “Before & Afters”. She found her passion!

In 2011, Leann, who also holds a two-year diploma in business management, combined her knowledge of business operations with her passion for design and launched her own painting company.

With over 13 years of experience painting both residential & commercial projects, and having been trained and certified, Leann is a highly sought after professional painter often booking months in advance.

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Quality Paint

I choose to use the premier products from Benjamin Moore. Their products offer durability, excellent coverage, and low to zero VOCS. I will recommend the appropriate paint for your needs.

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Low VOC Products

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are unstable compounds. When they enter the air, they react with other elements to produce ozone. This is known to cause air pollution and health issues. At Walls Revived, I use only superior paint products low in VOCs.

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industry certified

I am a certified professional Red & Blue Seal Journeyman Painter & Decorator specializing in repaints.  Trust the knowledge and expertise of my skills as a professional wallpaper installer, masterful painter, and faux finish artist.


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